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Well hey there blogosphere! Sorry I kinda dropped off the earth for a little while, but rest assured I'm alive. More "alive" than I've ever been actually because I'm GROWING A PERSON INSIDE OF ME.

Hecka yes! 
We found out at the beginning of March.
(Heh. Basically a valentine's day baby. Bow chicka bow wow…)

It's been friggin hard to keep it a secret. Obviously I called my mom and my besties within a week of finding out, but it's been- what- 8 weeks since then? It was all I could do to not caption every instagram post "GIMME SOME THAI FOOD MY BABY NEEDS IT NOW!". If you follow me on pinterest, you could definitely tell that I was pinning baby thingies completely uncensored. Sorry, I couldn't hold back there. I actually got a couple of people asking me if I was pregnant solely based on the profound amount of pins from baby gap…and I gracefully tiptoed around giving them a straight answer. But now I am so happy to yell and complain and squeal about my preggoness. And of course I'll start right here on my blog.

So okay we started "not trying" to "not get pregnant" around October. Isn't it so awkward when people say WE'RE TRYING to get pregnant? Who is the comedian who makes fun of that. I can't remember. But yeah- gone was the birth control. Mostly because I was getting a seriously awful migraine every few weeks and me on birth control was comparable to, I don't know, a pmsing rhino. So. Bad. But it took a couple months and to be honest that was hard. I was so excited to get started and we knew that I'd be done by classes by July and it just sucked that nothing was happening. 

I can't even STAND how cute that tiny little foot is
And then suddenly things WERE happening and I was just in shock. Like I didn't really understand that I had 3 positive pregnancy tests right in front of me (that's right, I had to take 3 because I just didn't believe it). And to be honest I didn't fully commit to believing that I was pregnant until I got my ultrasound at 9 weeks. I was half expecting there to be nothing there, and that Andy would turn to me and go "you were FAKING it!" and the doctor to be sitting there all judgmental and I would end up in a crazy person's hospital…. but there WAS something there. A little potato looking thing with itty bitty arms and legs poking out and this tiny heart right in the middle just fluttering so quick. It was the most incredible thing I'd ever seen. Andy and I stood there speechless. The doctor said that everything looked perfect and that the chances of miscarriage drop by 75% after the first ultrasound because they've seen that the baby is growing and has a heart beat and is in the right place and everything. So actually we could have announced like 3 weeks ago but I'm an anxious wreck and don't want to taboo anything so we waited as long as we could stand. 

As far as symptoms go…. I think I've had it pretty decently easy. I mean still HARD, but unlike some I'm not puking every 5 seconds. I had seriously bad sickness from like 5-9 weeks but I would never puke. Most of the time I hoped and prayed that I would because I felt that would at least bring me some relief but nope, nothing. It was the EXHAUSTION that completely got me off guard. I started working at my new job in the same week that I found out I was pregnant, so for the first 2 weeks of work I was on my feet 5-7 hours every day. That combined with early pregnancy was just way too much to handle so I just kind of checked out of every other area in my life. I bought Andy a bunch of frozen foods to make himself for dinner and just died on the couch every night. 

But since then I've felt really good! Always tired and occasionally really turned off to some foods. I cannot be near chicken. Most meat to be honest. Last weekend I went to Texas Roadhouse  downed a plate of ribs, but when Andy heated up leftovers I could have killed him. I always want thai food. I always want french fries and ice cream. MILK is AMAZING. I have a bowl of cereal at least twice a day. There was one week where I was constantly battling a nose bleed. That was fun. Every few days I grab my iPhone and sit on the toilet for sometimes an hour. AN HOUR. Because that's what it takes. Not a single one of my bras fit. Not a one. I sometimes wear 2 at a time. Ouch. I'm painfully aware of every wives tale in the book, but I choose to ignore most of them. Like I will still drink a diet coke when I go out to eat. And how dare you suggest I do not eat the soft cheeses that come on my gourmet pizza. And if a roast beef sandwich sounds good I will make myself one and EAT IT thank you very much. So that's that. 

Oh and I really can't take myself seriously when I try to take selfies. So I apologize if you cannot accurately compare my week by week pics because I'm posing obnoxiously. I don't really care too much. 

K well I'm excited that I can now keep you all updated! What an adventure we shall have together. 


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