oh BOY


Just found out that baby vidmar is a baby BOY vidmar.


And obviously I'm a little bit obsessed with the idea of having a baby boy doll to dress up as you can see by my new pinterest board full of coolio shoes and hats and jeans. If I can tell you one thing with absolute surety it's that this little dude is going to be well dressed.

And lookit at his cute little face!!

We asked the technician to record the whole ultrasound on a dvd (which I had no idea they could do until another pregnant lady told me. thanks!) and obviously I've watched the entire 15 minute video multiple times since yesterday. It's so amazing. And he would NOT stop moving. I think the technician was frustrated, but we were having a blast watching his little hands move all over. 

So I'm 20 weeks- HALFWAY POINT- and I'm feeling good! Part of me can't believe that this pregnancy is already halfway over, but the other half is just EXHAUSTED and wanting to just have this kid already. The best part right now is that I'm constantly feeling him move around. Just this morning I felt a kick with my hand on my stomach, so it might be about time that Andy can start feeling him kick too! Which he'll be stoked about, because he's pretty jealous.

But that's that. We're getting ready for the end of this semester (yay summa school :P) and then we'll most likely be moving up to Spokane for the rest of the year. Holla. 

P.S. You all have my FULL permission to buy this kid anything from baby gap, h&m, nordstrom, or ikea. Seriously. Free range my friends. 

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