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I think the last time I posted any of my artwork was the very very beginning of 2012. And I've been going to school year round since then. How sad am I? I think my problem is that I don't want to post anything until it's 100% perfect, and it never is, so I don't bother. But now that I'm about to graduate I figure now is as good a time as any to show off my stuffs.

So here we are, end of July and I'm finishing up my last real semester. I say real because I still have some online classes to finish up before I can officially graduate from BYU, but this is the last time I'll be taking any studio classes. I'm a little sad, but also thrilled that I won't have any huge assignments looming over my head anymore. Unless, you know I get a job or something crazy like that.

I took an Entertainment Illustration class this semester. We came up with story ideas, designed characters, sculpted maquettes, drew storyboards and then adapted our stories into quickie animatics.

^^5 point turn-a-round of my main character, Max.

My story goes something like this:

Max is an amateur magician, new to this particular circus. He is eager to impress the other circus performers but he lacks confidence. During one performance he is struggling to amaze the crowd so he goes out on a limb and performs a new trick that he's never tried before, but to his utter horror the trick goes terribly wrong and he turns the entire crowd into rabbits. The rabbits immediately escape the tent and Max does everything he can to round them up before the other circus performers notice what has happened. Eventually he gets all of the rabbits back into the tent and is able to transform them back into humans. The audience leaves the tent- dizzy and confused- and the other circus performers accredit the audience's dazedness to Max's amazing magical skill. They are impressed and congratulate Max on his fantastic show, and Max is elated to be accepted by his co-workers. 

^^Supporting cast: Gabriel the Strongman, Marcus the Angry Clown, and Harriet the Bearded Lady.

^^This is a 'maquette' that I sculpted using wire, tinfoil, lots of glue, and a putty called 'super sculpy'. I baked it overnight and spray painted it gray (which totally ruined it btw. It was a super cute pink color before.)

So this story is set to be an animated short- maybe a few minutes long- with no dialogue. And I wanted it to look somewhat vintage. Set in the early 1900's.

^^a really horrible photograph of the latter 25 of my 50 panels of storyboard.

This video below is my animatic. When an artist is pitching an idea to a bunch of producers, or whoever is going to be making their video, they will often present their story idea using something called an animatic- which is basically a story board in video format. Very rough. The point is to get a skeleton of the idea across. It is not supposed to be refined.

We had about a week to do this last assignment. So yeah, there is sloppiness, there is poor timing, there are awkward pauses, but I FINISHED IT ON TIME AND I AM SO DOGGONE PROUD OF MYSELF.

I don't know what else to say except this was an awesomely fun project that made for an exhausting semester. I feel like we were sprinting through each one of these but I had fun and I learned lots.

AND THERE. I posted some art. Happy now?

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