stress test

Right now I'm taking this ridiculous health and fitness class.

I say ridiculous because I get two credits for sitting in a classroom for two hours a week, listening to a fat guy blab about facts that I could more easily find on buzzfeed.

"10 tips for a balanced plate of food" was one lecture that lasted the entire hour.
Plus everything is self graded, including the final.
Silly BYUI.

Anyway, last week he had us take a stress test based on life events.
He listed off a bunch of events, and each event had a certain amount of points assigned to it.
We were supposed to add up the points based on the events that had occurred in the past 12-15 months of our lives.

So we get started.
"If you've gotten married, that's 95 points"
Yep. That's me. Okay.
"If any of your parents has been hospitalized, that's 50 points"
Yeah, Andy's dad had a heart attack. That sucked.
"For each time you moved homes/apartments, that's 30 points."
Okay, I moved in with Andy, and then we moved up here. Two times moved.
"If your social life has changed dramatically, that's 40 points."
Yeah, I moved to Idaho where I didn't know anybody. Lame.
"If the amount of family get-togethers has changed dramatically. 60 points."
Wow, jeez. Yep my family moved across the country last August. Have only seen them once since.
"For each member of your family that has left home for a certain amount of time, like on a mission or to the army, that's 25 points"
Ha. Both Becca and Jordan left on missions in the last year.
"If your family has gone through a big change of their financial state, 30 points"
Yep. Family lost their money and moved to Virginia. Is he just mocking me? What is this?
"If you have become pregnant or have given birth, that's 50 points."
"If you've changed schools"
"If you lost your job"
"If you've started work at a new job"
"If your spouse has been hospitalized"
"If you've been pulled over"
"If you've been on vacation"

So finally at the very end, he says that if you have under 150 points, you are unlikely to get very sick in the coming year. But if you have over 300, then you have an extremely high chance of illness because you are too gosh darn stressed.

I looked down at my total.


I'm not really sure what to do with this.

I guess if I die from some plague in the next year, there is no need to be surprised.

Can't say I didn't warn you........ehhhhhhh....

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  1. I've taken that test before and I thought I was a ghost because of how high my stress number was!

    You're a superstar.


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