see look my family can be outdoorsy

A few weeks ago my cousins who live in saint jeezy brought up their atv's while my family spent a couple of days at a resort in brian head. Here is PROOF that we can still have fun when we're not doing some indoor activity... or eating.

The view at the top of the trail was gorgeous. It was seriously a 360º view of the valley.

^^at this point I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. hecka yes!! Andy sat on the back of my atv and tried to teach me how to use the gears. He'd also reach around me and hold my belly steady over the rough parts. What a guy. 

^^posers. This is Josh's state after a few times on the trail, and this is my dad before his maiden voyage. 

^^and then this studly muffin. gimme somma that.

My family is now back in Virginia and we are now back in Spokane. Now that this awesome Utah vacation is over, I feel like I'm diving back into the 'real deal' version of life. Figuring out how to best take online classes in our current financial condition, gathering together baby things, and seriously mentally preparing for the fact that we are going to be parents in about 10 weeks. Gah. Here we go.


vegas two times: part two

vegas two times: part one

Trip #2 to Vegas was a little less dramatic. It was just me, my mom and my 9 year old sister Sabrina and the purpose of this trip was to help my big sister Sarah settle in to her new life in Henderson. I was also mourning the recent loss of Andy as he had just gone back to Spokane to work and left me by my lonesome. But we still snuck in some fun and obviously we spent the majority of our budget on FOOD. Serendipity3, Burger Bar, nutella crepes, nom nom nom. 

Best part of the trip? 4 WHOLE HOURS by the pool. My little sister and I escaped to the Luxor pool so my momma could get some one on one time with big sister, and while we were setting up camp this little British girl came over and in a freaking amazing british accent asked Sabrina to come join her in some 'pool games'. She and her 'mum' and her 'granddad' were in vegas for the rest of the week and apparently they had come to the pool every day since they'd been there. Talk about bronze. And they all had ridiculously cool british accents, like Adele british. Sabrina kept coming over to gleefully tell me that this little girl had called the restroom 'the lou' and was trying to figure out the difference between fries, chips, and 'crisps'. It was awesome. 

And behold my feel good moment of the week: I got the courage to take off my swimming shorts. Yeah k I had my bottom piece on underneath so there was no nudity, but my tender heart has been broken by the amount of stretch marks that have sprung up on my pregnant body. It's really unfair how much bio-oil I used as I desperately tried to stop that from happening, but I guess my genetics hate me. One of the great things about vegas is that nobody is looking at you. Everyone is weird and no one cares what you look like. So off came my shorts and I tanned like a normal person and faked confidence. Now I'm basically everything is tanned but my boobs and my nether regions and I feel GREAT. 

Have any of you seen this movie? This brilliant brilliant movie? My mom has gone to see this movie FOUR TIMES in THEATERS. It's Little Miss Sunshine all over again (because I'm pretty sure it's the same group of directors...) and man, it's been a long time since I've loved a movie so much. 

For reals, Sam Rockwell should be SO much more famous than he is. Yeah, he's kind of made me shiver ever since I saw the Green Mile at a way too young age but he has redeemed his creepy image in my eyes because of this movie. Not only redeemed, but I love him now. I don't know what else to say except GOOO SEEEE IIIIT!

And then that was it! We made sure to stock my sister's fridge and give her parting words of wisdom and then we were on our way back to Provo. Sarah is now teaching high school English and History in Henderson. Big steps! I think she started yesterday... I'll have to ask her how that went. 



vegas two times: part one

You better believe that I have made TWO different trips to Vegas in the past 3 weeks.

And that's mostly because my family flew into Vegas from DC because it's hundreds of dollars cheaper... and my big sister is moving to Henderson so we've been helping her get settled.

But let's just pretend that it's because we are HUGE PARTIERS.

For the first trip, Andy and I drove down down down from Spokane. We turned it into a two day travel session because holy crap that is a whole lot of sitting for a 7 month pregnant lady. My family flew into the Vegas airport at about 11 and by noon we were sitting in the Bellagio buffet stuffing our faces. Andy ate meat, potatoes, more meat, bread, more potatoes, and CRAB. I think his parent's vegan diet has started to get to him heh heh.

^^spent a bit of time exploring the Bellagio. One of these days I'm going to buy something from this fabulous chocolate shop. 

After watching the fountain show, the family went back to the hotel to swim and me and Andy went exploring for a few hours. We especially enjoyed waltzing confidently into the Prada and Gucci stores and getting annoyed looks from the clerks who are looking for serious people to sell million dollar purses too. Whaaaat, is my cheaply dressed pregnant belly giving us away? Andy's fake raybands? But okay, we love exploring. And Vegas is by far the most interesting place to people-watch. 

That night we ate mcdonalds and krispy kreme donuts and fell asleep watching O Brother Where Art Thou. Pretty successful day in my book. I sure do love spending time with just my family. Now that most of us are past childhood, we just seem to have a riot together. My brothers will forever keep us laughing until we cry, and my mom could win awards for being the best vacationer. Love them. 

Next up: 


long distance again

Andy and I have been visiting Provo for the past two weeks with my family.  If you follow my insta then you should be well informed of all the fun we've been having. It's so weird coming back to Provo after having been gone for a year. On one side, everyone is growing up and getting married and going on missions and leaving town, and on the other, everything is exactly the same. Same drama, same conflicts...the malt shoppe is still open though I keep expecting it to close for some reason....guru's sweet potato fries taste exactly as I remembered them.... wynsong still has $5 movie tuesdays.... it's been great to revisit everything in person.

Now the thing is, I'm in Provo for two more weeks. Andy is a lame responsible workaholic who feels like it's his duty to go back to Spokane and work and make money and crap. SO HE'S LEAVING ME. It really probably isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it, but I'm just a bucket of hormonal emotions right now and every time I start thinking about him leaving I cry. Truth be told, we haven't been apart for a single night in the 469 days that we've been married, and maybe that's a bit pathetic and embarrassing but, YA KNOW WHAT?

I'm freaking out because I don't think I can handle his absence for 13 consecutive days. That's long distance dating ALL OVER AGAIN. The nightmare is happening. 10 eternal months of long distance dating has completely ruined me and even the thought of skype makes me vomit in my mouth. And now I don't even have my roommates to console me while I fester in misery. And boredom. BECAUSE HE'S TAKING OUR CAR TOO. As if it wasn't bad enough. So I'm lonely, irrationally emotional, and completely stranded. Thanks babe.

Is it because we did long distance for so long that we are never apart? Hell I don't know. We're probably emotionally stunted because of that whole ordeal. Or at least I am. So I'm super clingy and high maintenance because of it. And the fact that I have a cocktail of hormones raging through my system certainly isn't going to help me this time around. I'm completely doomed.

But you know what, maybe it will be worth it.
Because this lurvurly lady named Estée is getting married and there is absolutely no way I can miss that, since, you know, we've been absolute besties since we were 8 years old and found out we had the exact same birthday. She's the secret behind all my street smarts and funny stories.

There's no way I can miss those nupitals. 

So I'm strapping on my lady balls and am going to play it cool for 13 days until I can again rub Andy's furry face and complain about his horrible breath and bad british accent. I already miss him. 


jackson hole

A few weekends ago Vidmar had a soccer tournament in Jackson Hole. Little did we know that Jackson Hole was only about 80 miles away from the drab life of Rexburg. We hopped in our car at 7am on a saturday and journeyed through heavy rain past these super lush gorgeous old farms- not those gray potato farms like you get in Rexy. It was beautiful. And I couldn't stop looking at the 4 peaks we were heading toward. The morning light was stunning.

The soccer fields were the coolest. Mountains, more mountains, open sky, and it was sprinkling ever so slightly. It was nice to get some sweater weather in the midst of this 90 degree summer heat. Vidmar had 2 games. They killed in the first- it was something like 7-1. Go red.

We got to Jackson Hole about 40 minutes early for Andy's first game and were famished so we walked around main street for a bit before we ducked into this tiny coffee shop called "Cowboy Coffee". I created a yelp account for the sole purpose of rating this place with 5 stars, it was so good. Andy got himself a spicy sausage breakfast sandwich and I downed a liege waffle with nutella and strawberries. Can you say foodgasm!?

We had a few hours to kill between Andy's games and we wandered through thrift stores, art galleries, kitchy cowboy shops, and museums. Jackson hole is awesome and there was plenty to see since neither of us had been there before. Before long Andy's legs and my pregnant feet got tired and we stopped in for some thin crust pizza. Andy lost his second game by 1 goal, which was a bummer, but we sneaked into a bar and ate some high end bar food to feel better about ourselves. Before we left Jackson Hole I had to try some fresh-made-to-order donut holes. Gah. How could I not? Between the two of us I think we probably consumed enough calories to feed a small pack of buffalo, but who knew the food at Jackson Hole was so delish? 

Andy bought me Mindy Kaling's book as my official Jackson Hole souvenir and then we jumped in the car and got home before 8pm. Not bad for a quickie vacation! No doubt we will head there again when we move back to Rexburg. With a brand spanking new baby. That reality hasn't quite sunk in yet. Yikes.


i'm a spokanadian now

or whatever.

I live in Washington! I no longer work at great harvest, I no longer am taking classes at fake BYU, and most importantly I NO LONGER LIVE IN REXBURG IDAHO. 


Want to know another huge win?
Andy is WILLINGLY watching Pushing Daisies with me. In fact, it was his suggestion.
and. he. likes. it.


We are halfway unpacked into the famous Emma Vidmar's bedroom. And we've been halfway unpacked for two days, mostly because I still have two more days to unpack because I don't need to be anywhere. Yesterday I decided to catch up on the Bachelorette and so I turned it on and then woke up 2 hours later. AND NOBODY CARED.

How amazing is this?