i'm a spokanadian now

or whatever.

I live in Washington! I no longer work at great harvest, I no longer am taking classes at fake BYU, and most importantly I NO LONGER LIVE IN REXBURG IDAHO. 


Want to know another huge win?
Andy is WILLINGLY watching Pushing Daisies with me. In fact, it was his suggestion.
and. he. likes. it.


We are halfway unpacked into the famous Emma Vidmar's bedroom. And we've been halfway unpacked for two days, mostly because I still have two more days to unpack because I don't need to be anywhere. Yesterday I decided to catch up on the Bachelorette and so I turned it on and then woke up 2 hours later. AND NOBODY CARED.

How amazing is this?

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  1. jealous that you get my room, but i feel okay bout it since baby face is gonna be in there with you soon enough. :)


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