jackson hole

A few weekends ago Vidmar had a soccer tournament in Jackson Hole. Little did we know that Jackson Hole was only about 80 miles away from the drab life of Rexburg. We hopped in our car at 7am on a saturday and journeyed through heavy rain past these super lush gorgeous old farms- not those gray potato farms like you get in Rexy. It was beautiful. And I couldn't stop looking at the 4 peaks we were heading toward. The morning light was stunning.

The soccer fields were the coolest. Mountains, more mountains, open sky, and it was sprinkling ever so slightly. It was nice to get some sweater weather in the midst of this 90 degree summer heat. Vidmar had 2 games. They killed in the first- it was something like 7-1. Go red.

We got to Jackson Hole about 40 minutes early for Andy's first game and were famished so we walked around main street for a bit before we ducked into this tiny coffee shop called "Cowboy Coffee". I created a yelp account for the sole purpose of rating this place with 5 stars, it was so good. Andy got himself a spicy sausage breakfast sandwich and I downed a liege waffle with nutella and strawberries. Can you say foodgasm!?

We had a few hours to kill between Andy's games and we wandered through thrift stores, art galleries, kitchy cowboy shops, and museums. Jackson hole is awesome and there was plenty to see since neither of us had been there before. Before long Andy's legs and my pregnant feet got tired and we stopped in for some thin crust pizza. Andy lost his second game by 1 goal, which was a bummer, but we sneaked into a bar and ate some high end bar food to feel better about ourselves. Before we left Jackson Hole I had to try some fresh-made-to-order donut holes. Gah. How could I not? Between the two of us I think we probably consumed enough calories to feed a small pack of buffalo, but who knew the food at Jackson Hole was so delish? 

Andy bought me Mindy Kaling's book as my official Jackson Hole souvenir and then we jumped in the car and got home before 8pm. Not bad for a quickie vacation! No doubt we will head there again when we move back to Rexburg. With a brand spanking new baby. That reality hasn't quite sunk in yet. Yikes.

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  1. First off, I was very excited to read this post due to the promising content of lots of calories. Not disappointed (I was vicariously consuming those calories, too, and now I want a waffle.)

    Second off, isn't Mindy's book hilarious!?


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