long distance again

Andy and I have been visiting Provo for the past two weeks with my family.  If you follow my insta then you should be well informed of all the fun we've been having. It's so weird coming back to Provo after having been gone for a year. On one side, everyone is growing up and getting married and going on missions and leaving town, and on the other, everything is exactly the same. Same drama, same conflicts...the malt shoppe is still open though I keep expecting it to close for some reason....guru's sweet potato fries taste exactly as I remembered them.... wynsong still has $5 movie tuesdays.... it's been great to revisit everything in person.

Now the thing is, I'm in Provo for two more weeks. Andy is a lame responsible workaholic who feels like it's his duty to go back to Spokane and work and make money and crap. SO HE'S LEAVING ME. It really probably isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it, but I'm just a bucket of hormonal emotions right now and every time I start thinking about him leaving I cry. Truth be told, we haven't been apart for a single night in the 469 days that we've been married, and maybe that's a bit pathetic and embarrassing but, YA KNOW WHAT?

I'm freaking out because I don't think I can handle his absence for 13 consecutive days. That's long distance dating ALL OVER AGAIN. The nightmare is happening. 10 eternal months of long distance dating has completely ruined me and even the thought of skype makes me vomit in my mouth. And now I don't even have my roommates to console me while I fester in misery. And boredom. BECAUSE HE'S TAKING OUR CAR TOO. As if it wasn't bad enough. So I'm lonely, irrationally emotional, and completely stranded. Thanks babe.

Is it because we did long distance for so long that we are never apart? Hell I don't know. We're probably emotionally stunted because of that whole ordeal. Or at least I am. So I'm super clingy and high maintenance because of it. And the fact that I have a cocktail of hormones raging through my system certainly isn't going to help me this time around. I'm completely doomed.

But you know what, maybe it will be worth it.
Because this lurvurly lady named Estée is getting married and there is absolutely no way I can miss that, since, you know, we've been absolute besties since we were 8 years old and found out we had the exact same birthday. She's the secret behind all my street smarts and funny stories.

There's no way I can miss those nupitals. 

So I'm strapping on my lady balls and am going to play it cool for 13 days until I can again rub Andy's furry face and complain about his horrible breath and bad british accent. I already miss him. 

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