vegas two times: part one

You better believe that I have made TWO different trips to Vegas in the past 3 weeks.

And that's mostly because my family flew into Vegas from DC because it's hundreds of dollars cheaper... and my big sister is moving to Henderson so we've been helping her get settled.

But let's just pretend that it's because we are HUGE PARTIERS.

For the first trip, Andy and I drove down down down from Spokane. We turned it into a two day travel session because holy crap that is a whole lot of sitting for a 7 month pregnant lady. My family flew into the Vegas airport at about 11 and by noon we were sitting in the Bellagio buffet stuffing our faces. Andy ate meat, potatoes, more meat, bread, more potatoes, and CRAB. I think his parent's vegan diet has started to get to him heh heh.

^^spent a bit of time exploring the Bellagio. One of these days I'm going to buy something from this fabulous chocolate shop. 

After watching the fountain show, the family went back to the hotel to swim and me and Andy went exploring for a few hours. We especially enjoyed waltzing confidently into the Prada and Gucci stores and getting annoyed looks from the clerks who are looking for serious people to sell million dollar purses too. Whaaaat, is my cheaply dressed pregnant belly giving us away? Andy's fake raybands? But okay, we love exploring. And Vegas is by far the most interesting place to people-watch. 

That night we ate mcdonalds and krispy kreme donuts and fell asleep watching O Brother Where Art Thou. Pretty successful day in my book. I sure do love spending time with just my family. Now that most of us are past childhood, we just seem to have a riot together. My brothers will forever keep us laughing until we cry, and my mom could win awards for being the best vacationer. Love them. 

Next up: 

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