another post about how much we eat

It's an annual summer event in the wonderful city of Spokane, Washington.

What an occasion. What an amazing partaay.
Hundreds of us crazy people gathered together for the sole purpose of stuffing our faces with all the calories that we can get our chubby hands on. Some of the stuff we saw on? Pumpkin donuts, fried bread, deep fried candy bars, bacon wrapped corn dogs, strawberry shortcake, funnel cake, ice cream, grilled cheese, cheese steak sandwiches, french fries, barbecue... shall I continue?

We partook of only a fraction of what we offered, but OH MY GOSH that fraction was incredible.

The first thing we tried was barbeque from the shadiest hole in the wall we could find. Because sometimes shady means authentic.

For real. Shady. It was just one southern dude cooking out of some legitimate smokers, chopping our brisket right in front of us, and then smothering it all in the most gorgeous barbecue sauce I've ever tasted.

The cornbread was tinted with cinnamon or nutmeg or something and it was magical. We also got a side of "soul-slaw" and it was as good as it sounds. And looks. I still claim that this was the best meal we ate all day.

But because we are who we are, that delicious dish hardly made a dent in our empty stomachs and we were back on the streets for more. Andy was craving a philly cheesesteak and so we set off to find one. That took about 30 seconds. To be honest, I'm surprised that sandwich lasted as long as it did. I even got a couple of bites. Gah, so gooey and cheesy and naughty. It was incredible.

Okay, so Andy got his dream treat and it was about time I found mine. One of the first things we saw when walking into the park was a stand that said bacon wrapped corndogs and I promise, my initial reaction was "ewwwww". But as we wandered around to the stand and I got a look, my jaw dropped and I immediately started salivating. Saying no to this was not an option.

Yeah, you can't help but smile when you have just taken your first bite of a hand dipped corn dog stuffed with bacon wrapped piggie guts. So so good.

By this point it had been about an hour and we had spent probably $40 on all these goodies plus some garlic fries and a freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade. We had a lot of time to kill and, well shoot, we had to slow down. We started up looking up movie times at the closest theater and thought that, logically, it would make sense to spend $15 on matinée tickets than let us loose on these food stands for another two hours. We figured our fat bellies would thank us, and my pregnant feet were starting to get sore. So we took a break and saw Elysium, which was a coolio movie by the way. Gory as heck. I mean, a guy gets his face blown off by a grenade. Gross.

We had a family get together back in the valley that we had to get to before long, but I'd seen a sign for an award winning strawberry milkshake, and jeez it's not like I'd had enough calories yet.

And that right there is the face of a very satisfied 30 week pregnant lady. Thank you Spokane. You have made very good on your promise to be better than Rexy.

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  1. i love the picture of andy attacking that sammich. so great.
    also DEM CHECKBONES, and DAT JAWLINE. you sure you're pregnant missy?

    So glad you're having fun in the best city in the world, miss you guys!


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