cursing myself

Independent Study blows.

Seriously, why did I wait until I was a graduating senior to take my last 2 GE's?
Were there people who warned me not to? Did I just ignore them? This seems like one of the stupider decisions I've made in the last 3.5 years.

I still haven't finished my Physical Science requirement and I put off my Advanced English class until the bitter end. And now that I'm up in Spokane plagued with this horribly long and miserable pregnancy (sorry, my body is especially cranky today), my only chance of ever graduating is to find the best options on Independent Study. And those options are quite limited.

So these are the classes I'm taking:

Geology 103: Life of the Past, and
English 313: Expository Writing for Elementary Education Majors

Yes, you are correct. Those classes look awful, and believe me I am not looking forward to spending the next few months trying to remember 10th grade chemistry and making lesson plans for my imaginary elementary students. But at least I'm not taking physical science 100 or making myself read The Scarlett Letter again (because dudes, those were the only other options). These classes seemed slightly more tolerable.

But oh my gosh I'm really just kicking myself for not doing these sooner.

Though- the nice thing is that I can finally just sit and listen to music again. I'm finally catching up on my huge "to listen to" playlist on grooveshark, and I've started a "birth music" playlist to listen to when I'm in labor. Yikes.

Happy friday everyone!

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