I wish I had more of an update for you all,
but really we're just waiting.

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.
Waiting is exhausting. And extremely uncomfortable.

Everything is ready. Andy set up the crib, we have the car seat in the car, all of the baby's clothes and blankets are washed and folded. I think I got carried away. And I got carried away waaaay too early because now there is nothing left to do and I still have a few weeks until anything is supposed to happen. Blah. I am just too excited to meet this kid. The anticipation is killing me. Most of my preggo friends have recently had their babies and jeez louise I am so jealous.

Last week was especially hard. I was so uncomfortable it was difficult to move much. Every time I got up the pressure was so crazy and I was constantly having contractions (but only when I stood, which is how I knew it wasn't true labor). I also get these really crazy charlie horse things in my groin that start up when I move around. So sitting and laying down has been my favorite option. And then suddenly there was a day where I had a ton of energy and the pressure from the baby was suddenly not so intense. What did I do with all that energy? I think I took a 30 minute walk and called it good. And then watched all my shows saved on the DVR. And that energy was gone within 24 hours. Now I'm just completely exhausted again.

^^Addie is my best buddy. We nap together and watch Project Runway marathons without judging each other.

I'm supposed to be spending all my time working really hard on my independent study classes so that I can get them finished before the end of the year.... but instead I just lounge. I think there were 4 days in a row last week that I didn't change out of sweatpants (which kind of makes sense as I only have one pair of maternity pants that fit).  I do make an effort to switch up my extra large t-shirts, so you know, it's not too pathetic..... ack (I also shower on a regular basis. I'd like to make that much clear). I'm living the life I'm supposed to wait to live until I have a newborn and right now I feel guilty for how ridiculously unproductive I'm being. If I had a baby that I was taking care of I would totally not need to defend myself here because lounging and relaxing is what is expected. But right now it's just pathetic. But I still don't have the energy to change up my daily ritual and I just am not ambitious enough to try to make a dent in these dumb online classes. So we're back to waiting and waiting for this baby to make his appearance. I have another doctor's appointment in 2 days and I would love to have a definite conversation about when we'll be inducing. Getting a date set would but such a relief.

So that's that. Baby Vidmar is technically full-term this week, though he is huge and would have probably passed as full term 3 or 4 weeks ago. At 35 weeks he was over 7 pounds. 2 weeks later? Who knows. (Actually my ribs probably know. There is this one spot on my right side that this kid tends to favor when he's especially rowdy and I swear to you I am bruising internally). Just hoping that time starts moving really fast!

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