being pregnant was my halloween costume

Halloween this year was sadly very anti-climactic. No parties, no costumes, no pumpkin carving... possibly because of the lack of children in our household. Andy's mom is awesome and she put up the cutest decorations, but that was kind of the extent of our Halloween spirit. Andy and I made plans to celebrate a little. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which recently opened up in Spokane Valley. Yay! So much meat and so few carbs makes me extremely happy. And then we met up with Andy's brother Paul and his wife Katherine to go see Ender's Game.

Andy has been DYING to see Ender's Game. He is not a reader. He never has been. But one of the few books he's read is Ender's Game and he's basically obsessed with the entire series. LOVES IT. Whenever we've talked about me going into labor, his one condition was that it had to be after Ender's Game comes out. We planned to go to the midnight showing because technically it wasn't supposed to come out until November 1st, but for some reason it was showing at 8pm last night. Rock on. 

We went 45 minutes early so that we'd be able to get great seats (which obviously turned out to not be an issue as we were the first ones in the theater), and is it just us or is "First Look" a mandatory part of a successful movie night? We never miss it. 

Sadly, the movie turned out to be a giant disappointment, especially for poor Andy. This was his first time watching a favorite book get massacred by the movie version and he was so distraught. But it was really fun talking analytically about the whole thing the entire ride home.

Because it was Halloween I decided to cheat on my diabetic diet. This is the very first official cheat I've allowed myself since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes so obviously it was a huge deal. The Safeway in Liberty Lake has basically every single type of Ben & Jerry's and it took me a good 5 minutes or so to decide what flavor to go with. I finally decided on "Vanilla Fudge Caramel" and man oh man ice cream has never tasted so good. 

We ended the night watching the season 2 finale of The Newsroom which is this seriously fantastic tv show that we've gotten into that stars Jeff Daniels. Guys it's amazing, go watch it. 

Although we spent a lot of time coming up with clever costume ideas for my pregnantness, my ambition quickly fizzled. I didn't have a special place to showcase my creativity this year and as Halloween quickly approached I just decided I didn't care enough to try.

But we did come up with some awesome ideas.

My favorite was definitely wearing a giant tshirt, basketball shorts, crocs with socks and a bushy mustache and going as Andy's dad (who is pictured below on the right). Yes it might sound cruel but you have to understand Andy's family. He thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Another great idea: wearing all grey and black, painting my stomach like the Death Star and Andy would go as Chewbacca (because his beard right now is ridiculously great).

Andy's brother thought I should go as Mother Eve by curling my hair and wearing leaves and moss. Gross.

At one point someone decided I should paint my belly black, attach a chain to it somehow and go naked so that I was Miley Cyrus in her 'wrecking ball' music video.

Yeah I could never have made that work....

I'm extremely excited for next year's Halloween mostly because we'll get to dress up our baby boy and go back to college Halloween parties and take pictures and mercilessly chow down of my favorite candy. Only 364 days until then!

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