next time you hear from me I will be somebody's mama

That's right folks!

Tomorrow night we're going to the hospital to get this chunky boy out of my uber pregnant body!

It's most likely we'll be seeing baby's face sometime on Monday. My mom is flying in at 12:30p on so I'll just have to keep my fingers (and legs) crossed until she gets here.

We decided to go with an induction rather than opt first for a c-section. My doctor is incredibly supportive of our plan and both Andy and I feel really confident about our decision. Obviously I'm terrified of any complications, but there is no "best" decision in our situation. The only way we'll know what decision was best will be after the fact. PRAYING SO HARD that everything goes well. SO SO HARD.

Anyway, prepare yourselves for a MAJOR photo dump that will... last... forever. Sorry not sorry. This is now a mommy blog. Can't stop me now! I'M SO EXCITED!

See y'all on the flippity flip! Life changing moments coming my way!!

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