one more week

My due date is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!
No matter what, Andy and I will be PARENTS before then.
Really freaky that everyone seems to be okay with the idea of Andy and me raising a baby.
Don't they know how crazy messed up and immature we are?

Tomorrow morning we have a doctor's appointment where we'll hopefully schedule either an induction or c-section for early next week. The doc sent us home last time telling us to think about which we want to do, but I still haven't made a decision. There are still too many variables. If he's gained a bunch more weight then I'll most likely opt for a c-section even though I've hated hated hated the idea of a c-section from the very beginning. There was one point that I was hoping to try a drug-free natural birth! How did I end up here? The idea of going through major surgery makes me sick, but if it keeps my fat baby safe and healthy then it's a no brainer. Did I tell you all that last week he was measuring over 9 pounds? 9 whole freaking pounds already! Though I like the idea of being induced a whole lot more, I just don't know if it's even an option. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

These past few weeks have been incredibly strange. I've never put so much effort into making time pass as quickly as possible. I'm not sure how I'll handle myself once I have responsibility again. What's that like? Baby boy- you best be prepared for a few craaaazy weeks.

Cheers to being in the last week of pregnancy!

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  1. I have a series of comments:
    1) I love that video... I watched it sooo many times when I was anxiously waiting Em's birth.
    2) Pregnancy is funny... and awesome, but so completely the opposite at the same time.
    3) It's awful
    4) It's the most wonderful thing in the world
    5) I never want to do it again
    6) I am totally jealous of my prego friends, which drives me nuts sometimes. Been there, done that. Want to do it again..... maybe in a few years.

    7) HOORAY RORY IS HERE AND YOU'RE NO LONGER PREGNANT! :) Now you can enjoy the wonderful part.


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