one week old

It's surreal.

I can't wrap my head around everything that has happened this past week. Honestly, I feel like a lifetime of emotions and events have happened in the last 7 days. My whole direction in life has upped and changed itself. It's amazing. Ahhhhhmazing.

I have a son. I'm a mama to the most beautiful baby boy. I ... just.... I can't even start to describe how I feel about that. Terrified. Overwhelmed. And hopelessly drowning in this endless ocean of mushy love. See? I just shouldn't talk about it. There aren't words.

There are a few important things I want to remember about this week: The PERFECTLY AMAZING BIRTH that I never expected, the impossible breastfeeding challenge that we overcame, the huge blessing that it was to have my mom and Andy's parents with us every step of the way, how I can't think too hard about how perfect Rory is without literally tearing up. Hormones, I know. This week has been a complete whirlwind and every single second has been so gratifying.

We've been through so many ups and downs I almost get nauseous thinking about it. I really hope I can find the time this week to write more about them all - especially our birth story and breastfeeding woes. Hang tight and let me get the hang of this "no sleep" thing and maybe I'll be able to sit down and actually remember things.

Meanwhile I'm going to go fetch my Rory boy out of his crib because it's been 30 minutes and I already can't stand how much I miss him.


These pictures were taken by my sis-in-law Emma. Gotta give credit to that creative genius who captures such fantastic tear-inducing photos ;)

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