Yesterday my baby got immunized.

Andy and I lay in bed talking last night, marveling at the fact that we didn't even have a discussion about whether or not he should get shots. Not one conversation. Why was that? When they are becoming so controversial? Shouldn't we have some gross opinion, one way or the other? In hindsight, if we had talked about it I probably would have decided to do the shots anyway, but maybe I would have been more mentally prepared.

When Rory was a newborn, obviously seeing him get prodded and poked in the hospital by all the nurses was difficult to watch. But somehow, this was a million times worse. It could be because I was by myself, doing this alone, like some kind of grown up (who, me?). But I think it was more because I know Rory now. I know how to calm him, how to feed him, how to care for him. He is this little person now and has become this huge part of me. Now that we've grown together I've become so attached, and it made it so much harder to watch him suffer.

He hasn't had any side effects yet. He's still super smiley (despite what you see in those pictures up there). Maybe he's a bit sleepier, but hey I'll take that. Mostly I've just been holding him extra tight as though he was the sickest baby in all the land, hoping that we didn't rush into anything stupid. In these crazy days, there are so many controversies and I feel so unaware and stupid about most of them. Should I pay more attention? Should I be invested in all that arguing and bickering? Maybe.

I don't know what point I'm trying to make here.

Rory got shots. And I just did not prepare myself at all. And I feel sort of guilty.


In other news:

At 2 months old, Rory is 13lbs 14 oz and 24 3/4 inches tall. 85th percentile in weight. 98th percentile in height. He has been graduated to size 2 diapers for a few weeks already, and is fitting into most of his 3-6 month clothes. FATTY! 

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