twenty thirteen's last party

Welcome to the most anticlimactic night of the year.

Last night we ordered pizza and played board games with Andy's family while fighting our heavy eyelids, waiting for NBC to rebroadcast the ball drop in Times Square just for our timezone. We were in bed by 12:30, watching Scrubs on Netflix and playing with our screened devices just like every other night.

Andy and I did get somewhat of a chance to discuss our hopes for the coming new year. Andy predicts that it will be our hardest yet and I think he might be right. Being a full-time student and sole breadwinner means very few hours at home for Andy, and I will be left alone to raise Rory while trying to manage my online classes and our household on an extremely limited budget. But I refuse to walk into this year already defeated. With some effort, this year will rock. I know it.

So last night at midnight I optimistically kissed my bearded husband on the mouth and my chubby baby on the cheek and pranced happily off to bed.

Bring it on 2014! We will destroy you!

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