two months old

Rory James, 

Two months old already. However clichĂ© it may sound, my life is better than it's ever been and it's all because of YOU. Every single day I am excited to wake up just to be your mama. Lately, what with school starting and us moving to Rexburg I've had less time with you in my arms and for some reason I feel enormously guilty. Any time I have to set you down in your chair I'm regretting the time I miss with you on my lap. It's as though I'm skimping out on those crucial newborn moments and I'm so afraid to lose those forever, but I guess that just means that when I'm holding you I'm able to absorb it all that much more. 

We started reading to you in the last month, which is good because we have a crap load of books to work our way through thanks to the awesome baby shower Grandma Vidmar threw for you. There is one that especially grabs your attention called "100 first words", probably because it's huge and has a bunch of bright pictures. I love sitting on the floor reading to you while you're on my lap, pretending you actually are aware of what's going on. Mostly I am just entertaining myself with these cute books, but any moment that I can interact with you like that is a good one. 

Your hands are getting so grabby. You grab the collar of my shirt whenever I hold you. That has led to a couple of whoops moments in public, but I really just love that you are clinging to me. Your arms never ever stop moving. They are always flying around. You're starting to hit the swinging toys from your playmat- mostly just because your arms never quit. Speaking of that playmat, that mirror enchants you. You will smile and dance for yourself in that little mirror. I love it! Your fingernails got so long and grimy. I was too scared to cut them for a long time but I finally built up the courage and did it while you were asleep. Those tiny nails tear like paper! I didn't want to touch them!

You're able to sit up and support your neck pretty well. You still look drunk most of the time with your wobbly head trying its hardest to stay in one place, but now we can set you on our lap and you can look around all by yourself. Within the last week you've been able to support your own weight too! Your chunky little legs jump around when we have you stand on our lap. Your face always looks the skinniest when you're standing and it makes you look so grown up. 

Your face has a natural quizzical look. It's like you are always disapproving of whatever we're doing. But my word baby boy, you are the best best best smiler. You smiling with mouth wide open and your tongue lolling all around inside your mouth. You're especially smily right after eating. But my favorite is that you smile best for me and your dad. I love that you are starting to really recognize us. Your facial expressions kill me. You'll go from angry, to confused, to a gigantic open mouth smile, to quizzical in a matter of seconds. Those eyebrows man. They do good work. 

Your sleeping schedule has become a little more predictable. There were a few times that you slept through the night! (about 11pm to 6pm. I'm counting it!). You usually wake up once to eat and then you go right back to sleep, which I greatly appreciate. 

This month I started feeding you in public! There were a few times that I fed you in the cramped back seat of the car, and then once in the lobby of a church building- but the first time in public was in an extremely crowded cafĂ© surrounded by my sister in laws. There's a certain amount of pride that comes with feeding a baby in public, and yes. I was extremely proud of us. 

You were sick for a few days this month. You were coughing, had diarrhea, and you were extra fussy. I took you to the pediatrician, who said you were just getting over a bug because you were looking better. But the most memorable thing about that appointment?. You were almost 13 lbs. At 6 weeks old! We've already graduated you to size 2 diapers and you've outgrown most of your 0-3 month clothes. My giant baby boy! I can't believe how huge you are. 

Your different cries are making more sense to us now. Your dad loves that he is able to distinguish between a tired cry, a bored cry, and a hungry cry. It makes things so much easier. You get so mad when you're tired. Worse than when you're hungry or poopy. Sometimes you are almost inconsolable. I can relate to that. But we can't really figure out why you cry when you're tired rather than just going to sleep. Sometimes when you're falling asleep you'll peek at us with just one eye. And other times, your lids stay open but your eyes will roll back. It's creepy. And funny.

For the past few nights, your dad has watched you while I clean up the kitchen. When I came to check on you guys, you were propped up on pillows watching The Rescuers. Your eyes didn't leave the screen for about 10 minutes. You were so enchanted by it. It was so much fun to watch.

We went on our first road trip with you. From Spokane to Rexburg- a 7 hour drive that ended up taking us about 10. You were very good and you slept for a long while, but when you woke up it was hard to keep you happy. I ended up spending a lot of time in the back with you, holding up toys and making up stories about them (Mister Lancelot the Cowboy was your dad's favorite). We pulled over a few times to feed you. I even fed you in the middle of a Subway at a truck stop. We got a couple of stares there. All the Christmas chocolate we brought to snack on was gone quick because of my stress-eating.

Strangely, this month seemed to trickle by slowly. That may be because you wake me up in the morning so I don't spend half the day sleeping like I did when I was pregnant. It could be because I'm actually soaking in every waking moment I can. Either way, Rory James, my life is so satisfying and it's all thanks to you.

I love you buddy.

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  1. Rachel, I love reading about these little baby moments. It makes me miss them with my girls. I don't know what kind of nursing cover you use but I have one of these (google: covered goods) and absolutely love it! The baby can't pull it off and it covers your beck ��


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