A portrait of Rory, once a week, every week in 2014.

This week we started a bedtime routine with Rory. I feed him around 9:00pm and change his diaper. We lotion up and put on our jammies. Then Andy joins us to read a few books. Rory is so attentive and patient. Every once in a while he'll reach to touch the book, but he's mostly just content to sit in our laps and listen. Then while Rory gets swaddled, we'll sing a few songs. After a quick kiss from me, Andy bounces him until his eyes are closed and then lays him in his crib. He still wakes up once or twice at night to eat, but lately he's slept until anywhere from 8:30a - 10:00a. This bedtime routine has become the best part of my day and I love that we do it all together. I'm actually starting to feel like a legitimate parent. 

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