laundry day

How this morning went down:

Rory wakes up soaked in pee. It's all over him, his sheets, and even soaks through my shirt when I pick him up. I felt absolutely terrible that he's been laying in his cold wet pee for who knows how long. I quickly change him out of his sticky wet pjs, give him a quick wipe down and put him in some fresh clothes.

I nurse him then I change my wet shirt and switch his sheets while he lays on my bed. I come back and he's rolled onto his tummy and spit up all over everything, but I ignore that mess for now and put him in his bouncy seat while I eat breakfast.

As I'm finishing my oatmeal I hear a big fart and sure enough he's blown through his diaper, through both his pants and shirt, and onto his bouncy chair. So here we go again, another quick wipe down and a new set of clothes.

At this point, Rory is ready for his early morning nap so I grab a clean blanket to wrap him in and as I go to lay him down, he burps loudly and spits up all over my clean shirt and his clean blanket. So I change my shirt again and grab him a new blanket, wrap him up, rock him to sleep, and lay him down.

I take the sheets off my bed, the fuzzy insert off of his bouncy chair, his wet pjs, his wet sheets, his soiled onesie, my 2 wet shirts, and his not so clean blanket, and throw them all in the wash. I put some clean sheets on my bed and crawl in to finish Rory's nap with him because are you kidding me Tuesday? 

Want to know the crazy thing? I love this. I'd take all this any day over leaving the house and going to work. You just try to tell me my life isn't a full time job. I get so much satisfaction pretending to be a responsible stay at home mom. And between all the laundry changes and pooped through clothes, Rory is beaming at me, just so stoked to see ME. And I'm the one who gets to sing him to sleep and give him a bath later (because ew) and that makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the world.

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