survival mode

I have two favorite parts of the day lately. 

Favorite number one: 
Andy gets home with a big cold hug and a 44oz diet coke. Survival juice. 

Favorite number two:
At 10:30 every night, Andy rips my fussy child from my arms, sets me on the couch, turns on jimmy fallon and excuses himself to the bedroom where he does his best to put Rory to sleep. Hashtag thank goodness for Andy Vidmar. 

Every time I shower lately I think to myself "I really should shower more often." It feels so good, but I become schizophrenic and I hear phantom crying from Rory's crib 20 feet away from the shower, so I'm in and out in 3 mins flat. Don't even ask me when the last time I shaved my legs was. 

Imagine the worst possible post-partum body you can come up with. BAM. That's what I've got. Wrinkly stretchmarks cover me from boob to knee, and don't get me started on my jelly belly. I went to a spin class at the gym on Monday. It was perfect. All the cardio with the least amount of jiggling. I vowed to go every day this week. That was Monday. Tuesday was the beginning of the week from hell aka teething Rory. Mems how I'm always talking about my happy smiley perfect bouncing baby boy? Well he was gone and in his place was a rabid mongoose who fed every 2 hours around the clock and will. not. be. set. down. not. for. one. second. So my yummy body has been at the back of my mind for a change and I'm living in a too-big-easy-access-uniboob-sports-bra and I haven't changed my leggings in 3 days. It's nice. 

We gave Rory baby tylenol to help him sleep and it worked. and for some reason I feel guilty about it. I also feel guilty for setting him in front of the tv with a frozen washcloth to munch on, watching blues clues while I shove dishes into the dishwasher and get dinner on. He loves tv okay? It keeps him happy. And an hour strapped into his bouncy chair with Steve entertaining his face and my face will not kill anybody. Survival mode! Is it so weird that I can quote most of blue's clue's? Pretty sure Steve was my first crush. 

I cannot believe we made it through this week. It's been miserable. But I think it's over. This morning Rory was all smiles again, and at the moment he's even content enough to play on his play mat by himself. Maybe he'll even roll over for us again like he was doing constantly last week. Remember that!? Remember when that was all I had to worry about?


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