this mom thing

I think I'm finally starting getting this mom thing down.

Or at least we've eased out of the difficult newborn stage.

Don't get me wrong, having a itty bitty baby curled up on your chest sleeping is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.

But it is easily rivaled by an almost-6-month-old laughing his head off at my dancing to the Lion King while doing the dishes.

See? I can do this. 

This silly, laughing, obnoxious playing part? It is a riot. It's what I've been waiting and waiting and dying for during those cold hard months of no sleep and lots of crying. Now? I could sit on the floor with Rory playing with the same darn stacker toy for hours. I can endlessly entertain this kid. He will laugh at the slightest smile. He just loves. 

I'm just so so relieved that the worst of our sleep training is over.

Nothing is perfect yet. He still wakes up 2-4 times at night. Last night he took a few hours to finally fall asleep. But in comparison to months 3 & 4? This is CAKE. This is delicious, velvety, cream cheese frosting topped cake. My baby is HAPPY. And I'm happy! And we are really seriously enjoying our days together.

I've seen the light! I made it through that deep dark tunnel and I finally am getting back into the happy moments of parenthood.

So what's going on now?

I'm having a complete blast feeding Rory solids. Planning out meals, buying groceries, steaming vegetables, puréeing them, freezing them, and watching him eagerly chow it down? My culinary skills at their finest. It's exciting. And he loves food.

I've never really thought about how easily Rory has taken to eating. I mean, we had our struggles with breastfeeding at the beginning, but other than that? Easy peasy. If he is crying uncontrollably? Pop a boob in his face and he is immediately appeased. It wasn't until I started doing some research on places like wholesomebabyfood and babycenter that I realized that we completely lucked out. Some, or most, babies aren't really interested in eating solids for a while. It takes some nudging. For Rory? Good heavens, he can't freaking get enough. Bite after bite after bite, and then he'll start to complain if we run out and I have take time to go fix up some more. I have to cut him off after a bowl or two otherwise he'd never quit.

He's a natural big eater. Just like his mama. Heh.

So, life lately is pretty great. For you new zombie moms out there who struggle to make it through each endless day? I'VE BEEN THERE. And it gets better!

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