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Rory James,

Oh my WORD. 7 months old! You are becoming such a little boy! I swear, every day I see you sitting up, playing with your toys so independently and I just think you look like such a toddler! I see you more and more like a little toddler and less and less like a baby. I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again: this is by FAR my favorite stage. 

You are loving the fact that you are becoming more mobile. Honestly, we thought you'd be crawling by now because you've been able to get on your hands and knees for a few weeks. You pull your knees up under you, rock back and forth, and then launch yourself forward onto your belly with a big (and sometimes painful) thud. You can get around like that pretty well I guess, but your dad is especially anxious for you to figure out how to maneuver your arms and get crawling. You're starting to figure out how to go from a crawling stance to sitting, and recently you've begun climbing up on me when I'm sitting with you on the floor. Every day I swear you are learning something new about how to move. 

Our absolute FAVORITE thing you do right now is walk! We hold your tiny fists and let you roam around the apartment. We've even taken you to the park and let you waddle around the splash pads. I love how your knees come up so awkwardly high with each step, and how you sometimes step on your own feet and trip yourself up. When you walk, I don't think you even realize what you're doing. You look around with such awe and your feet just go go go. We could walk with you all day long. 

I definitely thing you are getting sick of nursing. Almost every time you nurse have to struggle to get you to pay attention and focus. You twist and wiggle and kick because I think you just get bored by sitting still for so long. On the other hand, eating solids is your favorite! Andy can't figure out how you enjoy eating the strange combinations I feed you, like sweet potatoes with green beans or pumpkin and applesauce. You usually eat about 8 ounces of food, twice a day, with a snack around lunchtime. This month you learned how to chew food, or I guess "gum" it. You've also developed this little pincer grasp and you can pick up bits of food and put it in your own mouth! At first you'd just grab things with your fist and suck on whatever was sticking out between your fingers, but now you've really got the hang of pinching things. I've had a lot of fun finding little snacks for you to try. We've done cooked carrots, cheerios, mandarin oranges, cheese, gerber puffs, cucumber, banana, chick peas, and blueberries. I love watching you pick up foods and feed yourself. Most of the food ends up on the floor or on your lap, but it is so much fun to watch you learn. Andy especially loves this phase because it means we can bring cheerios to church. You've also started drinking watered down juice out of a sippy cup. 

You started really playing with your toys. You used to just touch things or slap them. Now you can pick a toy up, wave it around, move it from one hand to the other, bang it on another toy, throw it, and go pick it up again. Your favorite toys right now are the colorful stacker rings, sophie the giraffe, the alligator pulley toy, empty water bottles and BOOKS. You love holding books and touching the pictures. You also love anything that has a string or a cord. All too often I see you going for our computer cords or the xbox cables because for some reason you just love to play with strings. That's the reason you love the alligator toy- it has this big long string that you can knaw on. You'll also go for the string on Daddy's shoes and on my sweatpants. What is it with you and string?

We spend most of our days sitting on a blanket laid out on the floor surrounded by dozens of different toys. Sometimes you do super well at playing by yourself. On those days you couldn't be less interested by my face and you venture off trying to touch as many of your toys as possible. Other days, you won't go far, and every few minutes or so you'll scootch your way back and fling yourself at me until I pick you up. I'll hold you for a few seconds and then you're ready to play again and you'll twist and turn until I put you back down. 

Your sleep schedule comes and goes in waves. There were a few difficult weeks where you'd be up 3 times a night again. We attempted an adapted version of the Ferber method and that has worked super well! You willingly go down for naps now. We can set you in your crib while you're awake and you'll fall asleep on your own. There were even a few times that you woke up at night and fell back asleep by yourself after a few minutes. This past week you've done 7 hour stretches at night and only woke up once or twice! I'm trying hard to keep you sleepy until at least 7am. I hate it when you're wide awake at 6. Lately you are starting to last 90 minutes to 2 hours between naps. That gives us plenty of opportunity for play time, snack time, and even running errands! I don't know what to do with all this freedom! I think pretty soon we'll be down to 2 naps a day.

You've outgrown all of your 6 month pajamas and you fit pretty snugly in your 9 month AND the new 12 month pj's we bought you. The fact that you wearing two piece 12 month pajamas just kills me. You look like such a toddler! You are still peeing through EVERYTHING at night. We even started double-diapering at night, which has helped a little but you still wake up nice and moist. We need a solution to this problem!

You've started doing kisses! For real this time! You'll grab both sides of my face and give a full on open mouthed slobbery kiss. It's fantastic. You go through phases where you love to squeal as hiiiiiigh as you can. Sometimes it's so high it just becomes a breath. There are days where you talk and talk and talk, and other days where you just like to watch and smile.

When people see you for the first time, they always comment on your eyes. That makes me happy because that's what people have always said to me too! You have my blue blue blue eyes, though they are shaped just like your dad's. Twice this week, people have called you a girl. I mean, you are dressed in stripes and camo most of the time.... and honestly I just cannot look at you and see a girl. You are a boy through and through and through. We compared a picture of you with one of your dad as a baby and you are IDENTICAL. 

You are still a drool machine. I feel like it's always at church when you're wearing your nice shirts that you'll soak them through all the way to your belly button. You finally popped out a little tooth! It's your bottom left one, I believe, and gosh it hurts when you chomp on my fingers. I can't believe you're old enough to have teeth! Your hair is getting so long on top. We have to slick it to the side and it always curls in the weirdest ways. I'm seriously thinking of getting it trimmed. Your bald spot is completely gone! Thank goodness! Your hair color is no longer dark brown like it was when you were born. It's now this light sandy color- a lot like my family's dark blonde. 

Now that we have bigger time gaps between naps I can take you with me to the grocery store. You are big enough to sit in the cart! You love love love to stare at strangers and make them smile- as long as they don't come too close. You really are a people watcher, just like your dad and I. Bath time is another favorite. You splash and laugh in the tub and I always look forward to bath time. We go on a lot more walks outside since the weather has warmed up. Porter park is a little over a mile away and we've gone there a few times to hang out at the splash pad. Whenever we put you in the stroller you put both your arms up to brace yourself against the sides. Every time. You are really content in your stroller which I'm really happy about. 

We went on a road trip this month! I had so much anxiety about it because last time we attempted a long car ride it was a disaster. But we took it slow and took a lot of breaks and you did so well! As long as you had a few opportunities to roll around and stretch out on a blanket outside or something you were totally happy. You were even able to fall asleep in your carseat, which you haven't done in forever. 

We love making you laugh. Well, you squeal more than you laugh. Andy likes to throw you up in the air over and over. You get this frozen smile on your face and you squeal as high as you can. You also love raspberries and when we eat your feet and hands. You think that's hilarious. 

Well baby boy, you sure are one stellar little kid. I'm sure there are folks out there who are confused about how I can feel so happy doing the same thing over and over again every day, but you make each day different and exciting. I absolutely love being your mama. And I'm so excited for whatever comes next!

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