Ugh, guys, I'm so behind.

I was planning all sorts of great posts for May. I mean, May is like MY MONTH.

Our anniversary, mother's day, and my birthday all happen within two weeks! And did I bother documenting? Nope. Well, unless you count instagram. So now it all seems like a blur and I already have forgotten the details. But I'll try to sum up as best as I can and as quickly as I can. For posterity's sake. You know.

We've been married now for TWO WHOLE YEARS. For our anniversary we picked our favorite nearby place to eat out, which of course was BIG JUD's and we brought along our trusty sidekick (because let's be honest, I haven't had the guts to look for a real babysitter yet) and we enjoyed giant burgers and all-natural-Idaho-fries. Then that night after Rory was in bed, we pulled our mattress pad to the living room with all of our blankets and had ourselves each a Ben & Jerry's while we watched a dirty movie. Talk about low key. But as much as I'm tempted to complain, it really was nice. Nice and relaxed and perfect for us. I don't think I would have had the energy to plan a whole big production anyway.

Mother's day is already half-forgotten. I'm seriously checking instagram right now in order to remember what happened. Gah. I'm so lame. That morning, we got to face-time my brother Jordan who is serving an LDS mission in Germany and he is still the same corny happy guy I love and miss. At church I spent the majority of the 3 hours in the mother's lounge with Rory (which, to be honest, is a treat. I mean, there are giant arm chairs and it's dark and cool and I don't have to pay attention to anything except for my squirmy baby), and that night we ate ratatouille made by my Andy man and we probably watched a chick flick or House or something while he gave me a foot rub. I remember there was a foot rub in there somewhere.

^^Andy bought me this gorgeous rose for Mother's day. It was alive when he bought it, I promise.

My sister Becca drove up from Provo to be in Rexburg for my birthday! I spent the day playing at home with Rory boy and that night, Andy picked us up some thai food and we all spent the night chatting and eating the delicious cake my mom sent. The next day was spent in Idaho Falls where we hung out at Target and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse (mmm my fav). It really was a great day, though I can't remember the details anymore (why Rachel whyyyy). Mostly it's weird that I'm 22 and not 17 because I most definitely still feel like I'm 17.

Anywhoo. Those are the big May events. Let's just forget for a second that it's June 13th already. Yikes.

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