ho hum

So once upon a time I used to actually blog. 

My gosh, what happened here? I'm useless. All you have gotten lately is a montage of Rory pictures, which, as cute and incredible as they are, is not what I wanted my entire blog to be about.

Curse instagram for being so easily accessible.

So yeah I'd just like to formally apologize to you all for my lack of actual thoughts. 

I'll come back. I promise.


10 months old

Rory James,

I feel like you understand the world a whole lot more. When things fall down you look in the right place to try and find them, you are more interactive with people (if that's possible, I mean really), and you laugh all the time now. You never used to laugh!

We have traveled all over the country in this last month. From Rexburg, to Provo, to St. George, Las Vegas, Anaheim, back to Vegas, allll the way over to Virginia and Washington DC, then back to Vegas, up to Provo, and finally home to Rexburg. Over three weeks of driving, sleeping in new places, eating junk food, and meeting new people. I cannot believe how successful that trip was. You are incredibly flexible, and we made it through the hard moments with the help of your Dad. You learned to fall asleep in our arms during the brightest and busiest of times. Even when we'd stay out until 10 or 11, you would be completely fine.

We took you to Disneyland! What a lucky baby you are! Your favorite rides were definitely Pirates of the Caribbean and Dumbo. While we waited in line, you'd peer over our shoulders and try to make eye contact with whoever was next to us. We made friends everywhere we went because you are just so friendly! I loved holding you during the parades because you'd stare and smile and wave at the princesses. One of my favorite memories was dancing with you and your dad during the World of Color water show and occasionally getting sprayed by the mist. On the way back to the hotel you fell asleep in the Ergo carrier- which you'd never done before- and I got to cuddle you the whole walk home.

The beach was difficult, to say the least. I think our biggest mistake was putting you straight into the water, because from then on you were covered from head to toe with sand. It didn't bother you at first, but after about 30 minutes you'd had it. And I don't blame you. I couldn't really help you get clean, and you'd eaten a few handfuls of sand and I didn't know how to nurse you with all the grittiness so we took you to the shower and then I nursed you in the van. Ugh, we ended up forcing everyone to leave early because you couldn't fall asleep and I was so strung out I couldn't really help you. So, next beach trip, hopefully we'll be a little more prepared.

What a babbler you've become! You point to everything you see and yell "bah bah bah bah bah!" over and over and over. You also are doing "v's", "g's", "d's", and "m's". So much babbling, oh my gosh. I super love it. Whenever I come to get you from your crib in the morning, you are standing up and waiting for me making the sign for "milk" and saying "mah mah mah mah mah". Speaking of signing, I think you might be starting to get it! Yes, you do "milk" sometimes, but I've also gotten you to shake your hands above your head when I say "all done", and clap when I say "more", so... maybe? Haha this may have been a complete bust, but I think it's been fun teaching you to sign.

You love making noises, as I'm sure all 10 month olds do. We spend our days making fart noises at each other and laughing. You hit everything in order to see what noise it makes. Among your toys are a few rarely used wooden spoons and pots and pans and tupperware.

You love to make the "blehbleh blehbleh" noise with your finger against your lips. And did I mention that you're constantly making noise? ALL. THE. TIME. Just talking talking talking. You've started sticking out your tongue all the time, testing that thing out.

You have seven teeth! SEVEN! Three on bottom and four on top.

There have been times that you've been desperate to nurse, which is odd because you've been uninterested in nursing for a while now. I think it comforts you, and with all of the traveling we did you really needed it. It makes me wonder if I'll actually try to wean you when you turn a year old or if I'll continue until you don't seem to need it any more.

We came back from that super long vacation completely overtired and the first few nights home were completely awful. We'd have to go back into your room and rock you and nurse you back to sleep multiple times. So finally, one night when I'd already nursed you a handful of times and it was 4am and I hadn't slept and I'd been rocking and rocking and rocking you, I finally just put you in your crib and laid down on the floor and talked and sang to you for the next hour while you screamed. But finally you laid down and fell asleep and slept through the rest of the night. The next night, you woke up 30 minutes after I put you to sleep, so again I went in and laid on the floor and sang to you and it only took you 5 minutes before you laid down and fell asleep... then you slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT for the first time in your entire life! I was over the moon!! Since then, you've consistently woke up only once to nurse at night.

You caught your very first cold and then got me and your dad sick, and of course, it was just as we got to Virginia to visit my family. So we all spent the first day or two coughing and sneezing and trying to sleep in my family's house. But soon we got better and we got to go sight seeing.

You are an incredible eater. One time we went to In-n-Out and we bought you a cheeseburger. You ate the entire thing. It was really easy to feed you while we were away because we could just buy you a kids meal and you'd generally be happy with it! The only things I've seen you turn down is pasta, avocados, and lately- cooked vegetables. I don't know why, but you've started just spitting out thing you don't like! Somehow you still enjoy pureed food, so that's how I'm getting veggies in you. You must have lost your taste for them while we were away.

Everyone thinks that you are at least 15 months old, because quite honestly you are the size of a 15 month old. At my parent's ward, the relief society had a little play area for all of the young babies and you were larger than most of those kids who were obviously so much older than you. But you really could pass for a 15 month old. You are getting really coordinated and you are so smart! You can pick up your sippy cup all by yourself and drink out of the straw.

My favorite thing of all is that you've learned to tickle things and go "ticka ticka ticka!" It's a rare thing for you to do, but I've caught you tickling the wall outside and even one of your teddy bears. Oh it's amazing, and it's one of those things that makes me really see just how old you're getting.

Buddy, I can't believe what an amazing little boy you are becoming. 10 months old! I never thought we'd ever be here! I sure do love you.

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