So I posted that last update on Rory at 12 months and I think somewhere in my brain, I went "oh great! I don't need to do this every month anymore!" and that went on to develop into "oh great! I don't even need to use my camera anymore" all the way to "OH GREAT I DON'T EVER HAVE TO BLOG EVER EVER AGAIN". So here I am, almost 5 months to the day that I last blogged, quietly wondering IS ANYONE EVEN STILL HERE?

If you are.... HELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!! *Seinfeld voice obvi*

Thank you for pretending that my blogging vacation was totally normal and awesome, just like I did. NBD, right? Except that my Rory boy isn't even a baby anymore and he is the smartest, loudest, most ridiculous firecracker you've NEVER seen because I haven't POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT HIM IN ABOUT A CENTURY. I'm fine.

So here's what's up!
Andy graduated from BYUI. We temporarily moved in with his parents in Liberty Lake while we searched and searched for a job. Then Andy found a job! And we moved to Mukilteo, WA! 30 minutes north of Seattle. Costcos and Targets and Starbucks GALORE. Amenity heaven. We adopted a DOG about a month after moving here. Maya is a pitt bull/husky/shepherd mix and is becoming best friends with Rory and it's totally adorable. We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment right behind a 7-11, across the street from a pizza place, a burger joint, and fantastic Thai takeout. We've also called the cops on our upstairs neighbors, befriended our pot-dealing neighbor, and watched as policemen chased a man through our backyard. So, you know, we are never bored.

Rory James is 17.5 months old and he acts like he is 3. He talks constantly and if he doesn't know the words he makes them up. Our days are filled with us just making noises at each other. Rory is obsessed with balls, trucks, cars, bikes, airplanes, and ANYTHING that just screams BOY. If he sees a bike on the street he will point to it and shriek "bike! bike! bike! bike! bike!" until we break off our conversation mid-sentence and say "yes! yes! yes! Rory that's a bike! You're right!" and then he'll smile and keep yelling "bike! bike! bike!" until he spies a truck or airplane or something else. At dinner the other day, Andy said "you'd think he'd be a little more quiet when his mouth is full..." because even then Rory is just chattering away. The only time he holds still is when we wake up in the morning and plop ourselves on the couch while we cuddle and watch Curious George. Other than that he is just GO GO GOING until he crashes for naps and bedtime.

I'll do a more comprehensive update on Rory later (DON'T WORRY). Right now I want to tell you about our Easter outfit disaster.

It all started at H&M. I saw the cutest little short sleeved blue shirt with an attached bowtie. We found some coral shorts to go with it and I thought, YES! With his yellow moccs this is the most adorable Easter outfit. The end.And then, as we were dressing for the Easter egg hunt, we realized it was 50 degrees outside. So, naturally, we added socks and a sweater to the ensemble. And as we were walking out the door, Rory saw his favorite hat and insisted it come with us to.  All together, it became this:

Complete with a terribly made yellow basket from the grocery store that we bought 5 minutes before. Other parents must have thought we were nuts. Which we basically are. Oh, you poor kid.  DO YOU FEEL COOL YET?? HAVE WE RUINED YOU?

So we fail and we learn. Apparently, less is more or something.

The egg hunt was crazy anyway. He picked up these two eggs and was a million percent satisfied. One egg for each hand. What else could a kid possibly want? So he trotted around, looking like a fool, carrying his eggs and being hilarious.

We took some terrible family pictures by the fire truck (look, there's Maya too!), sought out the freaky Easter bunny so that maybe we could scare the hell out of Rory (nope. Look how thrilled he was), and made our way back home. Can you spot the gigantic bruise on Rory's forehead from when he tripped into a cement wall? How about the scratch on his nose from when he dove headfirst off the slide. SERIOUSLY THIS KID.

Anyway, it feels good to blog. I've missed this! And I've missed all of you, or you know, whoever is still here. Happy Christmas, and New Years, and Birthdays, and Valentines, and Easter and whatever else I've missed. 2015 is like a third the way over already but WHATEVER here we are. And dang it, I really need to redesign this site too. This shiz is old.

Okay, bye.

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