--Le Bucket List--

1. Ride on top of a train while it’s moving
2. Own a fish  (4/22/11)
3. Live in a foreign country for a year
4. Ride an elephant
5. Ride a camel
6. Kiss a Scottish man
7. Have a dog
8. Make ebelskivers (11/13)
9. Graduate from college
10. Own my dream house
11. Eat monkey brains
12. Catch a firefly in a jar
13. Get married to a stud in the temple  (5/05/12)
14. Be preggo and have me some chillins (11/11/13)
15. Fly in a hot air balloon
16. Make my own standee
17. Run a half marathon
18. Go to a live Ellen Degeneres
19. Win a prize over a radio talk show
20. Sew a dress
21. Read the Bible from beginning to end
22. Be fluent in another language
23. See all 50 states
24. Go to every continent
25. Swim with dolphins
26. Go skinny dipping
         *get caught skinny dipping  (6/1/11)
27. Sell a painting for $10,000
28. Buy a condo, then turn it into an art studio.
29. Own jet skis
30. Ride on a private jet
31. Go to disneyland at christmastime
32. Be so famous that Jimmer knows who I am
33. Go to the Macy's day parade
34. Be a witness for a crime and sit on the stand to testify
35. Swim in a shark cage  (7/4/09)
36. Kiss with pop rocks (1/8/11)
37. Go on a cruise (9/07)
38. Go on an old folks mission
39. Own a Jeep
40. Sleep in the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
41. Donate money to charity
42. Get my picture taken next to the Hollywood sign
43. Go snowboarding
44. Learn how to read palms
45. Learn how to make balloon animals
46. Learn how to make towel animals
47. Learn origami
48. Put my handprint into wet cement
49. Be a part of a dancing flashmob
50. Learn how to drive a stick shift
51. Smash a car with a bat
52. Smash a toilet to pieces
53. Punch someone in the face REALLY hard
54. Take pictures with Lee Pace (6/18/11), John Krasinski, Zach Condon, Robert Downey Jr, and Ryan Gosling. Separate, of course, but if I could get a big group picture, then that would be pretty rad too.
55. Crash a wedding of unknown persons.
56. Be a passenger in the back of an ambulance.
57. Break a bone. At least once.
58. Put a sign up using cups on the chain-link fence above University Parkway.
59. Pop the cork off of a champagne bottle.
60. Hold a baby bear, tiger, lion, or giraffe.
61. Give Liam Neeson a hug.
62. Carve my name into a tree.
63. Watch the ball drop in Times Square.
64. Decorate an entire wall in my house with pictures & posters.
65. Build a tree house.
66. Eat Chicago style pizza in Chicago.
67. Watch every single movie on my Netflix "to watch" list. All of them.
68. Take a bath in chocolate.
69. Own an iPhone (10/12)
70. Go to a concert by Mumford and Sons. (8/22/12 in Salt Lake)
71. Swing in my very own hammock.
72. Be part of a protest.
73. Go ice skating at rockefeller center
74. Be one of those moms that bakes her own bread and makes her own applesauce.
75. Go to a fashion show with a runway and everything
76. Grow my own herbs on my windowsill
77. Do a fancy juice cleanse
78. See a real live car chase
79. Be able to do a cart-wheel and a handstand
80. Go to a huge music festival.
81. Ride a segway.