--Moi, Le Blogger--

greetings! people of the internet! 

my name is rachel vidmar, but you can call me hot stuff. 
just not too loudly, or andy, my bodyguard/husband, will pound you.
but seriously.

so, i'm rachel. that guy up there who looks like a shorter thicker version of bradley cooper is andy, aka husb-andy, aka vidmar. we laugh a lot when we're together so in may 2012 we decided it'd be pretty fun to get hitched for eternity. no biggie, right? and hey it's been pretty rad. we have proof that we've had fun because we have a brand new baby boy! rory james was born in november 2013 and hopefully we can grow up a bit before he notices how young and immature we are because, heh well, catastrophe.  

lately we've been stranded in idaho as vidmar is finishing up his undergrad so we can move on to bigger and better things (or you know, just get out of idaho... i have a fantastic attitude about being here.) i've spent the last 3 years as an illustration student at byu-provo, but here i am at byu-i taking classes that will hopefully transfer back so i can graduate asap. because graduating would be awesome. i take classes online so i mostly stay home and play with my gorgeous rory buddy while andy is stuck studying at school. sucker. 

i could probably say a whole lot more about myself in this cute little bio area that i've made here. 
but i shant. instead, i shall release you into my digital journal with absolute minimal knowledge. evil, i know. but i guess you should all just be aware that i sometimes think i'm way more awesome than i really am. and that i am a chocoholic. once i ate an entire jar of nutella in 3 days. 3 days. with no help from vidmar- as he could pour nutella down the drain without so much as a cringe. the nerve of him. i mostly just really really really like food. you should also know that if i could bring any 3 movies with me onto a desert island, they would be eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and every single season of scrubs. i'm counting that as a movie. andy and i both have a 'to do' list of our favorite hot celebrities. while his includes gorgeous babes like blake lively, mine are as follows: marcus mumford, zach braff, zach condon, and lee pace.
on any given day, at any given time, i am 100% willing to drop on the floor and take a nap. 
or watch an episode of family guy. 
that's all. 

we good?

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